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Name:Marie Denee


Blog Name:The Curvy Fashionista


Bio: Through The Curvy Fashionista, Marie showcases wardrobe and style options from the industry’s top fashion brands, as well as shares news and events for curvy women in a world where fashion for this community is often overlooked. She’s also the creator of the TCF Expo; a three-day plus size event filled with panels, shopping, fashion shows, parties and more!

What inspired you to start blogging?

It was an accident! I started to create a space to launch an idea I had many years ago and as circumstances formed, this became my business and brand; providing resources and information to empower plus size women making their fashion choices!

How would you describe your style?

A bit all over the place, reflecting my many Virgo moods! I tend to lean more boho or rock and roll free spirit. I love a great polished look, but I love to push myself outside of my box... It really is a journey right now for me as I am in a unique transitional space!

What fashion item do you have to have in your wardrobe?

I have a few from many brands across the board. I am not sure if there is one item I love more than another... it all depends on the occasion.

What is your current Soncy must-have?

Right now, I have this mustard green dress maxi that is both timeless and sexy- which I love. Add to its comfort level, and I am in heaven, here!

What trend on are you most excited about?

I love the dresses. They are playful, bold, and unapologetic. Also?! Not a trend, but just as important... I love the diversity of sizes and shapes of the plus size woman. THIS is awesome!

What's your favorite type of occasion to shop for?

Hand down, cocktail parties. I love a fun flirty dress. One that shows off my legs, my curves, and my mood - I am always here for this!

Who are your fashion icons?

I do love a mix of Queen Latifah and Carine Roitfeld. They have a streak of badass but are always polished with their looks!

What trend do you hope never makes a comeback?

Ohhhh... I cannot say one way or another, because with each iteration of a trend, there is something modern and fresh about it. I may not wear it, but I will appreciate it for what it is.

What’s your bedtime beauty routine?

I love taking a Lavender shower before bed... But I use Roc and Olay products to wash and moisturize before bed. Depending on the weather, I may or may not moisturizer my skin with either Dr Teals Avocado Oil Lotion or Baby oil. After this, I tend to play my games on my phone and fall asleep to Forensic Files. I am always the nerd.

What beauty product is essential in your life?

My Olay whips and ROC moisturizers! What I wash my skin with depends on life, but those two moisturizers have been amazing for me. BUT, secondary? My eyebrow gel - I have no eyebrows, so filling them in is a need. I alternate between Anastasia Beverly Hills and NYX brow gel!

What has been your proudest career/blogging moment so far?

I have had so many moments, but honestly, I think learning how to take better care of myself this entrepreneur life can be rough... However, through this, I have been able to see what the next level is for the brand and I am able to start to build confidently towards those goals!

What have you learned from sharing your life on social media?

Ohhh that I need to share or be more open. I did not grow up with social media the same way, being an older millennial (I am knocking on 40) and my brand being more about others... SO I am learning how to connect and engage in more open and vulnerable ways.

What advice do you have for handling trolls both online and in real life?

Ohhhhh, I think being honest with yourself about where you are emotionally will help you to navigate where you do or do not spend your energy. If you know scrolling social media will be overwhelming or that you find yourself affected, step away. I have learned to do this as I have taken more steps to take care of my sanity!

Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?

Um... I am not sure?! Let’s seee... I speak a little Japanese, can still do handstands and cartwheels, and I can dance! Does this count?

If you could send a message to your high school self, what would you tell her?

I would tell her to be bold, take those risks, and to not let someone else’s thoughts of you become your own. Be honest and true to YOU and that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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